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We run workshops at festivals, parties and private events at which people design, make and fly their own kites (flying depends on the location and weather). Our workshops can be tailored to almost any age group and difficulty level. Some general benchmarks can be found below but essentially all we need from you is space and a table (or the floor will do!), we will bring the rest.


Schools - We offer workshop packages to suit different key stage requirements from primary right through to college level.

Fesitvals & Community Events - Our bread and butter. We can tailor a kite project to suit anything from 1 day to multi day events, often with the goal of making as many kite with as many people as possible.

Private Parties and Corporate Events - We also run workshops for corporate parties and private events where fun and relaxed atmosphere is as important as learning the finer points of bridling an Indian Patang (fighting kite).


History - Kites have an incredible history across the globe, we will delve into this rich history in our workshops.

Culture - Kites are at the core of many cultures, they do not discriminate, kite flying is a family and all sexes past time. We make kites from around the world in our workshops. Through the making of a kite we will also describe their place in the culture and country that it comes from.

Science - Kites and science are close friends. We can talk about the basics with you (lift, drag and gravity) right through to more advanced aspects of kite shapes and flight stability.

Art - Kites are a perfect vessel for creative expression. Colour, shape and storytelling continue to be pushed and played with through kite making and flying.


All our kite makers are Advanced DBS checked. Projects will always be led by either Lucy or Chris.

Contact us to book your kite project:

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